This is probably my fifth attempt at making a personal website. Usually I start it, then I lose interest. Let's see how things work out this time around.

I suppose I should try to tell you a little bit about my plans for this site. Yes this site is called 'metatheory', but sorry to disappoint you. Most of the content here will not be metatheory.

There will be some metatheory, but there will also be poetry, music, photography, computer programming tutorials, mathematics proofs, podcast episodes, and maybe more. Sounds like a mess, I know. I am a bit of a mess.

So a little bit about me. In my personal life I am an amateur mathematician and computer scientist. In my professional life I am a junior data engineer. Mathematical logic is my favorite area of mathematics. Programming languages is my favorite area of computer science.

I haven't learned enough yet to do anything cool in either areas. Life keeps getting in the way. I have to make sure that I can make money, so at the moment I've been busy trying to beef up my data engineering skills for my job.

In my previous life I spent my days writing poetry and music. I'm hoping that I can use this platform to reintroduce those things back into my life.

Well that's it for now. Check my blog for posts. Keep checking this website for new things. Thanks for stopping by.